Over 100 mobile solutions released since 2009

At Isolve we have been building mobile solutions since the beginning of the smart phone era. We help our customers build mobile solutions that change the way they work. Isolve has long experience with mobile solutions, and we know how to build quality solutions that last. Isolve is by your side from concept development and deployment through support and maintenance. We are committed to building quality solutions that solve real problems.


Ericsson had a vision for a global employee training app which would enable compentence development in a fun and competitive environment. Isolve worked closely with the Ericsson team to design, implement, and launch an internal app.

Results: Ericsson has launched the application on a global scale within the origanisation.

Karlssons Fasadrenovering

Karlssons Fasadrenovering wanted a better way to manage internal reporting and communication within projects. Like most construction companies, all daily reporting and communication was done on paper, phone and email. This often led to delays in invoicing, missed income due to late or incomplete reporting and other issues.

Isolve helped Karlssons Fasadrenovering design a mobile reporting tool that fit their business. This tool is based on Isolve’s Byggkollen platform. Through the tool, Karlssons can handle all project and service reporting through a simple mobile application. Project managers receive and manage all reporting in a web-based admin center where they have complete control over the project.

Results: Karlssons Fasadrenovering saves both time and money.


LIF was looking for a modern alternative to printing the FASS book while continuing to support users without internet connectivity. Isolve helped FASS design an app with both online and offline functionality in order to always provide users with the most up-to-date medical information possible.

Results: The FASS Vård app for iOS and Android has been downloaded by over 55000 users during the first year after launch with top ratings in both App Store and Google Play.

Svenska Akademien

The Swedish Academy decided to release a mobile version of SAOL in 2011. Book sales were falling and earlier digital products such as CDs were no longer in demand. The Swedish Academy was looking for a way to make the SAOL more convenient and readily accessible to users. Isolve worked closely with the Swedish Academy to design a mobile version of the product. Together, we designed an offline version of the dictionary which was convenient and simple to use.

Results: SAOL has become one of Sweden’s top apps within reference, consistently within the top 10 in both app stores for free reference applications. The application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Isolve is full-service mobile consultancy – that means we can help you from research and design all the way to production.

Mobile strategy

Are you considering a mobile solution, but don’t really know where to start? We have a lot of experience and we can help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Concept and design

We can work with you to develop the design so you can understand how the solution will look and feel before we start building the solution. Mockups and prototyping allow you to fully test your concept before you invest in devlopment.


We have a highly-skilled team of mobile specialists as well as a strong network of IT specialists to build your solution. We work exclusively with in-house and local talent. If we can’t built it, we can help you find someone who can.

Support and maintenance

All solutions require maintenance due to continually changing operating systems. We are committed to providing support and maintenance for our solutions.

Isolve is a team of highly skilled mobile specialists

People at Isolve are passionate about solving complex business challenges with intuitive mobile solutions. We are specialists in full-scale solutions which include elements such as system integration, real-time updates and synchronization across an array of devices. We believe in solutions where the technology does the heavy lifting to allow for a seamless user experience.

Isolve has a strong track record with over 100 mobile solutions released since 2009, and we can help you find the right solution for your business.

We are a small team of specialists based in Stockholm, Sweden. All work is done on-site to enable close interaction with our clients. We partner with a number of local experts in order to best meet project needs, but we do not use off-shoring partners.

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