Natural Language Processing

The human language has been called the greatest invention of all time. Language processing technology is an area where progress has, and is still being made, at an impressive rate.

Modern algorithms are not only able to extract knowledge and statistics from documents. It is possible to analyze meta information of the text such as the sentiment of survey responses or social media comments. This provides new dimensions to survey responses or social media comments as examples.

Business Intelligence 2.0

With Machine Learning, Business Intelligence has evolved far beyond data aggregation and reporting. New tools for protecting, growing, optimizing and transforming your business are now available. And when the amount of data that you collect increases, these tools are going to get more efficient and effective.

Voice/Sound/Image Interpretation

Much of information around us is not in the form of text/formal language. For some time, the trend has been to allow products to be controlled by non-textual based means – by voice or gestures. This trend seems only to become stronger.

In essence, Machine Learning provides a means to identify patterns, and deviations from patterns. These patterns can be occurring in any form: complex images, vibrations, crowd movements. This serves us well when solving “real life problems”.


CTO Mikael Andersson
PhD in AI and Machine Learning

Isolve has a strong and varied team ready to tackle most challenges. We have a strong AI team built around our CTO Mikael Andersson with a PhD in AI and Machine Learning. We also have experience delivering quality results over many years of mobile development. Our core strategy is to maximize the time we spend on recruitment in order to ensure that we always deliver top quality solutions to our customers.

CEO Sebastian Hamilton
Msc in Business and Administration

Our CEO Sebastian has long experience planning and executing projects that deliver strong business value. With experience from both small and large businesses Sebastian will help make sure that your AI/ML projects align with your overall strategy and that your knowledge and resources are incorporated fully into your AI strategy.

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